Shelton Week 6 Highlights

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This Week's Tip
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Schedule Highlights
  • Movie Day at the Club
  • Breakfast: Apple cinnamon muffin, fruit juice, milk
  • Lunch: Salami on soft roll, mixed fruit cup, fresh fruit, milk
  • Breakfast: Cereal, animal crackers, fruit juice, milk
  • Lunch: Ham and cheese on soft rye, diced peaches, fresh fruit, milk
  • Breakfast: Nutragrain fruit bar, honey grahams, fruit juice, milk
  • Lunch: Turkey breast on wheat bread, pineapple tidbits, fresh fruit, milk
  • Lake Quassy, all ages, $24, permission slip required, bring lunch and spending money.
  • Breakfast: Trix yogurt, graham crackers, milk
  • Lunch: Chicken on soft roll, applesauce, fresh fruit, milk
  • Pajama Day, All Ages
  • Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese, fruit juice, milk
  • Lunch: Hamburger or Hot Dog cookout
  • Dodge Ball Tournament
Permission Slips