Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5k Road Race

Charity Road Race

Live or virtual race—your choice!

This year’s Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5k charity road race is both live and virtual so you can decide which better suits your needs. The traditional, live 5k race on Thanksgiving morning starts at 8 am in downtown Shelton, and the virtual race window opens on Thanksgiving morning and closes on Sunday night, November 28. (Due to the inability to regulate other courses, virtual runners will not qualify for awards or placement.) Register by November 16 to receive a long-sleeve race shirt and race bib.

This popular race offers a great, early morning run through the historic downtowns of Shelton and Derby. You’ll be finished in plenty of time to get to the annual Shelton-Derby football game, and then on to your Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Runners are encouraged to register early because this noted and looked-for Valley event sells out very quickly. Runners registrations are capped, and registration closes once the cap is reached. No registrations will be taken on race day.

Arrive early to enjoy the delicious refreshments available before and after the race at the spacious Derby-Shelton Rotary Club Pavilion in Veteran’s Park.

We hope you’ll join us, but don’t delay—click the registration button to secure your spot!


Women’s Top 3

  1. Melissa Corraro – 20:18
  2. K- Rod Rodriquez – 20:33
  3. Lauren Flament – 21:08

Men’s Top 3

  1. Robert Dillon – 16:10
  2. John Derosa – 17:06
  3. Timothy Milenkovich -17:45

Update: November 18, 2021

Registration has been extended to November 21. Anyone registering between November 18-21 should NOT come to pick up their shirts on Sunday. Please contact Ann Wheeler to make an appointment for Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday next week; email annwheeler@BGC-LNV.org

Registration Cost

$10 – Grammar School Students
$10 – High School Students
$25 – Holstein Division
Free – 70 and Older
$25 – All Other Runners
Registration includes race shirt
Registration increases to $30 for all runners on November 16, 2021

Runner Shirt & Bib Pickups

One Day Only! – November 21, 2021
10 am – 4 pm

Boys & Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley
1 Positive Place
Shelton, CT 06484
See Google Map below for directions

If you registered between November 18-21, DO NOT COME to pick up your shirts and bibs on Sunday. Contact AnnWheeler@BGC-LNV.org to make an appointment to pick up on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between the hours of 7:30 am – 2:00 pm.


Race Location

Runner Shirt & Bib Pickups Location


2021 Sponsors


Registration is now open! Runners will be posted here, and the list will be updated periodically until the race is sold out.

Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you on November 25!

2021 Virtual and In-Person Runners

Welcome back to our plankholders: Leo DiSorbo, John Fitzgerald, Jack Jurkowski, Michael Kieley, Kristine Lucker, Stephen Ng, David Stein, James Stein and Laura Watson. Plankholders are runners who have run in every race, never missing a year. Welcome back to Katie and Lauren Flament, Alexandra Kenealy, and Meg Re, multi-year winners in the women’s division and Jim Mas, and Tyler Pineau, previous winners in the men’s division.  

Kayla Adams
Ryan Adams
Tyler Adams
Lisa Adriani
Jerlene Alexander
Hannah Andrejczyk
Mark Andrejczyk
Amanda Aranzullo
lisa argraves
Dee Awalt
Edyta Bakalarz
Daniel Bartolucci
susan baxter
Justin Beamer
Jason Bear
Jonathan Begley
Caroline Berberian
Betsy Bielefield
David Bilodeau
Marcia Bilodeau
daniella bloch
david bloch
Theresa Bly
Jill Bodach
Brian Bodt
Kellie Boland
Kathleen Boni
David Boudreau
Jonathan Bozzuto
Stacey Bozzuto
Jessica Branson
David Bratz
Derek Bratz
Kristina Bratz
Madeleine Bratz
Kim Bronski
Nicholas Brown
Sean Brown
Alfred Bruno
Anthony Bruno
Cody Bures
Megan Burke
Timothy Burkholder
Derek Burton
Nillie Burton
Sally Campbell
Cara Capoccitti
Patty Carton
Timothy Cashman
Christopher Castellini
Messiah Castillo
Sylvia Centeno
Eric Cerino
Mapu Cervigni Rutkauskas
Celina Chapman
Daniel Cheron
Elizabeth Cheron
Fred Choromanski
Marion Choromanski
Nicole Cignoli
Owen Clark
Thomas Clark
Skylah Clarke
Angela Colao
Gavin Colwell
Neil Connery
Frank Cooper
Jadan Cooper
Owen Corbett
Stephen Corbett
John Corraro
Melissa Corraro
Michael Corraro
Mike Corraro
Sofia Couture
Patrick Croughwell
Stephanie Croughwell
Dan D’Addario
Lauren D’Addario
Mirna Dancy
Arthur Davies
Timothy Davies
Dana Daxner
Jake Daxner
Jim Daxner
Riley Dean
Rhianna deAndrade
Jessica DeFelice
Nick DeFelice
Nancy DeGennaro
Emily Degnan
Michele Del Vento Barrows
Elaine Dellinger
Randy Dellinger
Ben DeMartino
Samuel DeMartino
John DeRosa
Lauren DeVore
Michelle Di Federico
Olivia DiCocco
Nick Diluggo
Leo DiSorbo
Jackie Donnarumma
Renee Donnarumma
David Dripchak
Eric Dripchak
Elaine Dyer
Mike Earley
Heather Edwards
Karen Ellis
Gigi Ferrando
Fernanda Ferrari
Ashley Fischer
Roy Fischer
John Fitzgerald
Katherine Flament
Lauren Flament
Rachel Fleischer R2
Kristine Flittner
Jay Flynn
Julie Flynn
Sofia Flynn
CJ Forcier
Haley Forcier
Rachel Fournier
Sebastian Frank
Brandon Fulton
Ginelle Gancoss
Krystyna Gancoss
Susan Gancoss
Franklyn Gandiaga
Clare Gannon
Robert Gannon



Brian Gavin
Tim Geer
Peter Geltner
Sharon Geltner
Brianna Girard
Steve Glaser
Robert Glass
Edward Goad
Elizabeth Golino
Kara Golino
Brian Goodrum
David Goodwin
Keegan Goodwin
Mike Gozzo
Kersten Grasso
Marissa Grasso
Sami Grasso
Roman Gray
Stuart Green
Joe Guerra
David Halko
Matthew Halko
Ashley Hampton
Alex Harris
Gordon Harris
Jessica Harris`
Cole Heitmann
Jeff Heitmann
Avery Henriques
Dana Henriques
Joe Henriques
Mackenzie Henriques
Skylar Henriques
Patrick Hicks
Matthew Hunyadi
Megan Hunyadi
Joel Hurliman
Skyler Hyatt
Kinga Hyatt-Ordazzo
Emma Hyder
Jackie Isabella
Mason Izquierdo
Tyler Izquierdo
Dave Jenkins
Jason Jennings
Giana Johnson
Brian Jones
Joe Joyce Jr.
Jack Jurkowski
Emil Justo
Deborah Juzwiakowski
Laura Kandro
Charlie Kaylor
David Kayser
Kaitlyn Kelly
Alexandra Kenealy
Jessica Keogh
Sean Keogh
Terry Keogh
Kristina Kern
Liam Kieley
Lila Kieley
Michael Kieley
Tim Kieley
Jaroslav Kocurek
Sam Kocurek
Robert Kozlowsky
Thomas Krasowski
Diane Krygowski
Krzysztof Kuczynski
Joseph Langgston
Sarah Larson
Eileen Lassek
Lauren Laurenson
Billy Lautenschlager
Katie LeClair
Caitlin Leposky
Loretta Lesko
Alan Lindsay
Joey Linebarger
Meghan Loew
Jodi Lovegrove
Katy Luchansky
Peggy Luchansky
Kristine Lucker
Christine Lyttle
Matthew Malberti
Edward Marczyszak
Jim Mas
Jonathan Masi
Andrew Maslar
William Maslar
Jill Matos
Patrice McCarthy
Jenn McCullagh
Jeff McGregor
Denise McLaughlin
Patrick Mclaughlin
Kristen McLean
Sean McMahon
Addysen Mcneil
drew mihalick
Lily Mihalick
Amanda Miller
Andrew Miller
Caleb Miller
Celia Miller
Daniel Miller
James Miller
Joshua Miller
Al Misiewicz
Nick Moore
Dana Moraniec
Jenine Motasky
James Murphy
Michele Mustaka
Samuel Nadal
Emma Nagy
Richard Nelson
Jennifer Nemec
Kennedy Nemec
Steven Ng
Alyssa Nolan
Mario Nunez
Ryan O’Connell
Jon Oddo
Nathan Oddo
Allison Ogle
Ed Ogle
Jackie Okula
Lark Okula
Ann Louise Onton
Jayden Opper
Kimberly Parkman
Ohm Patel
Renata Patterson


Spence Patterson
Donald Peeler
John Percivalle
Jason Perillo
Lydia Perillo
Rebecca Perillo
Angela Petitti
Anthony Phillips
Blake Phillips
Bria Phillips
Justin Phillips
Randie Phillips
Tyler Pineau
Eric Plyler
Matthew Poppa
Christen Price
David Pyrch
Jodie Quaglia
Emily Quinn
Marta Rarey
Meg Re
Mary Regalbuto
Cheryl Renfer
Patricia Rimkunas
Cali Rivas
Tammy Rivas
Richard Rivellese
Tosca Rivera
Stephanie Rizio
Nicole Rizzo C3
Kevin Robinson
John Rodriguez
Kara Rodriguez
Mike Rodriguez
K – Rod Rodriquez
Jon Rooney
Craig Rossetti
Sofia Rudus
Roy Sabo
Fabian Sanchez
Kevin Sands
Anthony Santoro
Kimberly Santulli
Michael Santulli
Nicole Schneider
Walter Schuttler
Lindsay Schwartz
Rebecca Senetcen
Brigit Sheehy
Nickel Sheridan
Shelly Sheridan
Don Shnipes
Jason Shnipes
Nathan Shnipes
Noreen Shnipes
Scott Shnipes
Allison Shortell
Mick Shuby
Susan Shuby
Dominic Sielicki
Gabriel Sielicki
Cassie Silkoff
Jakub Skoniecki
Matthew Skoronski
Susan Skoronski
Holly Smalley
Allison Smith
David Smith
Julia Smith
Karl Smith
Ryan Smith
Jonathan Sousa
Alyssa Staffieri
Kathy Staffieri
Paul Staffieri
Brian Stankus
Cherie Stankus
David Stein
James Stein
Joan Stein
Joseph Stein
Kurt Steiner
Brendan Stewart
Carolyn Stewart
Cheryl Stewart
Colleen Stewart
Colleen Stewart
Donna Stewart
Sean Stewart
Shawn Stewart
Brian Stiewing
Justin Stiewing
Tyler Stiewing
James Suarez
Bill Tanski
Allen Tarasovic
Jaclyn Testani
Lisa Testani
Jeanne Thomas
Scott Thomas
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson
Allison Torres
Dorothy Torres
Michael Torres
Tyler Torres
Hollie Tracz
Genie Tricarico
Dominik Trzepacz
Alex Turczak
Greg Twohill
Sarah Ullyett
Emily Vasser
Janet Voelpert
Brendon Wall
Brian Wall
Conor Wall
Jared Watson
Laura Watson
Leigh Webb
Jodi Welch
Thomas Welch
Karen West
Sam Widomski
Karen Wilczewski
Kenneth Wilczewski
Jay Wilson
Mike Wood
Lynne Yaverski
Eric Zavadsky
James Zern
Tara Zibluck
Marty Zimmer