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Workforce Development

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders, Innovators, and Problem-Solvers

To help young people meet the workforce challenges of tomorrow, they need safe spaces, positive mentorship, and work experiences today. We allow kids and teens to explore their interests and passions, develop their employability skills, and apply their knowledge to real-world work experiences.

Workforce Development Held in Shelton, Ansonia

Our goal is that every Club member graduate on time with a plan for their future. The Workforce Development program is vital to that mission. Beginning with members as young as kindergarten, members are exposed in an age-appropriate way to the skills they will need later in life to secure a  good job. The program culminates with our teens, giving them personal experience with the wide range of career opportunities that exist and helping them pursue the jobs that match their skills and interests.

The program aims to provide members with access to hands-on workforce experiences through programs such as corporate partnerships and summer internships. The program provides company tours, college visits, assistance with college and employment applications, participation in mock interviews, career fairs, and development of the technical and soft skills to compete in the 21st century workforce.